PITT SCCA 2-Reg / Northeast Division
to Oct 27

PITT SCCA 2-Reg / Northeast Division

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Wide, fully-paved paddock areas are located on the North and South tracks and are easily accessible from all tracks and comfort facilities. 120-volt, 50-amp electrical service is available throughout the facility. Paddocks are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.


Pitt Race has eight garages for rent adjacent to the North Track paddock area and eight garages near our Events Center. Garage bays are equipped with roll-up garage doors.



Concessions are available at Pitt Race during the race season, April – October, on weekends, and for most scheduled events. For corporate and special events, full catering services are available trackside and in our Events Center.



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Waterford Hills Road Racing, Inc.
to Sep 1

Waterford Hills Road Racing, Inc.

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Waterford Hills is located north of Detroit, not far from the Pine Knob Resort & DTE Music Theater in Clarkston, Michigan. This is a 1.5 mile road racing track (not an oval) with right and left turns, hills and straight-aways. The fastest cars hit over 120mph on the back straight just before heavy braking to make a 90 degree right-hand turn. With one corner speed as low 25mph and another at 80mph, there's a lot of acceleration and braking every lap.

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Mid-Ohio SCCA 2-Reg / Great Lakes Division
to Aug 4

Mid-Ohio SCCA 2-Reg / Great Lakes Division


The logo for Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course is comprised of many different flags used for road courses. Below is a description of each flag.

White: Final Lap
Blue and Orange: Courtesy flag to warn competitors that the leaders are approaching them and ask them to "move over." Only optional flag
Yellow: Warns competitors to slow down and not pass because of a hazard on the race track
Red: All competition must stop
Checkered: Race is over
Green: Beginning or resumption of competition
Yellow and Red: Warns competitors of surface conditions (i.e. debris, fluid, etc.)
White and Red: Indicates that emergency vehicles are on the track.
Black Flag: Shown to a competitors to immediately enter the pits due to mechanical issue and rule violations.

One of the finest facilities of its kind, Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course offers exceptional amenities that put you comfortably close to the action in a fan and family-friendly environment. Several concession stands are located conveniently throughout the facility. The main concession stands are located in the Paddock and Infield areas. Both offer a diverse menu. As a plus, the Infield concession stand also offers patio seating with a great view of the racetrack. Ice is available at most concession stands and at the entrance to the Camping Area.


Souvenir Stands are located in the Paddock area and in the Infield. The stands offer a full-line of official Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course merchandise, including event T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and many other souvenir items. Guests also can visit the Manufacturers Midway in the Infield, where visiting vendors offer a wide variety of souvenir items.

Permanent Restrooms are located in the Paddock area and in the Infield. Portable restrooms are conveniently located throughout the facility. Handicap parking is available in the infield and along the Boulevard near the drive over bridge. For more information contact a Mid-Ohio representative for assistance.


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Grattan SCCA 2-Reg / Great Lakes Division
to Jun 23

Grattan SCCA 2-Reg / Great Lakes Division

The road course is a winding, hilly, complex assortment of almost every concievable corner imaginablefor a road course. The ten turns include both uphill ascendind radius turns, a flat out dog leg off the 160 degree hairpin turn, a hidden apex, a monza bowl,ess turns,and even a challenging downhill reverse camber turn. It has been said that if you can master Grattan Raceway you can drive anywhere. Drivers from all types of racing, (Indy Cars, Trans AM, Motor Cycle, S. C. C. A., and GO-Karts),  practice and race at Grattan. 

The Design of this course is spectacular, from it's breath taking natural beauty to the extremly well draning surface, that promotes better times and more days of racing.  But the benefits don't stop there, all corner stations and other hazards are Armco protected at Grattan the priority is driver and spectator enjoyment and safety.

The Motocross side is equally challenging and well designed. We at Grattan Raceway take pride in offering an excellent race experience to our riders. This fact is evident from the additional dust control measures that we take, to the annual redesign and track reconfiguration efforts our staff make. If you haven't riden Grattan lately..... you haven't riden Grattan!!



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Gingerman SCCA 2-Reg  / Great Lakes Division
to May 19

Gingerman SCCA 2-Reg / Great Lakes Division


The GingerMan Raceway was established in 1995 by racing enthusiast Daniel Schnitta. Dan knew what was important to him as a driver when visiting a race track. His vision is to share that experience with visitors and their families.

The GingerMan is located in the appealing lakeshore town of South Haven, Michigan. Rather than spending your trip to the track in isolation visitors are just six miles away from the beach, boutiques, events and dining that are common to any beachside community.


The facilities rest on more than 300 acres of land that includes sprawling areas of a shaded wood, plenty of paddock space and a pond fully stocked with fish. They believe that visitors to GingerMan should feel the comfort of a state park.

Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of GingerMan is the dedication to the safety of the driver. The course layout was designed to minimize the chance of damaging yourself or your vehicle. GingerMan is considered the safest track in the region and among the safest of tracks in the nation.


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